BIG problem *SIGH*

Wednesday, August 15, 2012 Xarruc 0 Comments

Oh my!, I've got BIG problem. Aku ni baru lagi dalam Google+, so I was exploring, and I didn't know that kalau terdelete photo's dalam Google+, blogspot post features will be effected also. So aku ada ter-delete and men-delete (excuse me for my bahasa suka hati) beberapa duplicated photos this morning. 

Sekarang bila baru nak buka blog, all my post yang bergambar dah tak ada foto (which I did delete unknowingly). Okee, I know, noob me.

*Sigh* (mengeluh pulak, double work nak adjust everything).

Even aku ni blogger 'jalanan' jer, but just need to say:

Phoenixarruc is under maintenance

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