Live Life to the Fullest!

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These days, I've got more of free time to spent with things I love to =). So, one of it, I started to watch Korean drama again. Hahahhaha, so what? If boys prefer to play or choose keyboard and joystick over girlfriend, a girl/woman is still a female who love to shed tears and laugh crazily in front of pc XP .

Just now I've finish watching Korean drama "Scent of A Woman". It's last year drama, about a woman (Lee Youn Jae) who suddenly had been diagnose cancer, and will only live for about 4-6 month. BUT what I'm pointing is not about the drama story, but the positive content of this drama. Youn Jae, knowing that she had less time and more things to do, she did lists of what she wanted to do. It might seems cheesy, or mushy, but there's lot more to it:

1.  Make my mum smile once a day
2.  Revenge against those who harassed me
3.  Learn tango
4.  Whatever I want, eat and wear, I won’t hold back
5.  Try on a wedding dress
6.  Have a date with Junsu!
7.  Go cycling along the coastline
8.  Be just like the heroine in a movie for a day
9.  Find my first love
10. Sing a love song with the one I love
11. Receive a proposal that all women in the world would die for
12. Contribute whenever I can
13. Get my mom remarried
14. To have teacher forgive me
15. To be a meaningful person to somebody
16. To leave the traces of my life
17. To leave a real cool impression in front of people I know
18. To get kissed while having a White Christmas
19. Do everything with the person I love
20. And lastly, close my eyes in the arms of the person I love…

It's a venom to our soul, if anyone would happen to have the same or similar issue. Not the disease that is painful, but the fact that a person not been able to fullfill his/her desire; future plan; or dream. It's easy to say, but at least this drama taught me the value to live life to the fullest! We may breath for until we age to hundreds of year, but we also may live for as far as now.

Thinking that life may end in a matter of time, doesn't mean we have to grief and regretting. Cheer up! Do what you want to do, be what you want to be, and have what you want to possess. If all that you want to do have been fullfill, doesn't mean you would have to stop, then start to wait for death. Instead, list and think of the next thing you haven't done, and do it as long you have the time with you. 

Same for other person, even if death is not around the corner, live to the fullest also! Be positive! Make your life meaningful. Don't hesitate, don't regret, but take full sincerity in everything that you do, then you won't have much to regret.

Live Life to the Fullest!

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