Camera Lover: My Instax

Sunday, February 03, 2013 Xarruc 0 Comments

Last month on 16th January 2013, eagerly I ordered online from a camera dealer blogger, which they also have shop in UKM. I've ordered on 16th and the parcel arrived a day after. Superfast delivery! (FYI it's within Selangor, so yeah, kalau lambat tu memang teruk la service Poslaju).

I was so eager that I forgot to snap how the dealer wrap the parcel. It was good. Wrapped with bubble plastic wrap, PLUS a fragile sticker on the parcel. That blogger sure put some effort, and I super luv it! You've got my trust on first look.

So yeah, I did some camwhoring, and did took some other pictures which is not like pictures at all (gambar jadi hitam la, kelabu la, coz mencuba function kamera, and so banyak la try and error). This is my baby, so when are you going to have one? Let's have fun!

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