I Don't Seek Simpathy ...

Monday, August 20, 2012 Xarruc 2 Comments

I dont seek for simpathy
A cheap feeling that toring pride

I dont seek for simpathy
Far away from fonding atttention
As burden be on me as if gain through thee mind

I dont seek for simpathy
As its not in my gain nor my vain
Never will be.

I dont seek for sympathy
As respect and pride linger in me never to be stomp
BUT once crumble
Mind start to shuffle
Heart start to waver
Still pride stood straight
Holding in thoughts
Holding in tears
Once be touch fall out the tears

Dont sympathy, never put attention
my heart still tumble, and start to fall apart, and apart.

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Anonymous said...

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Xarruc said...

thank you =)