Camera Lover: Lumix

Friday, January 04, 2013 Xarruc 2 Comments

I can't help it when it comes to camera. I'm not a photographer, and I don't have the skill or creativity in taking photos, but I LOVE to play around with camera (^,^). A LOT.

I like Nikon's but sekarang ni I really can't take my eyes of Lumix. Lumix kegilaan aku agak menarik, but too EXPENSIVE untuk aku (tahan air liur je la tiap kali nampak). However al-kisah ni nak jadikan aim (for azam 2013, hukhuk ntah dapat ke tak), but kata azam kan, so I add in my azam wishlist for 2013: Lumix DMC GX-1

What I love about this camera is it's ISO can reach up to 12800 (wow! super awesome). Then it's got a touchscreen LCD, which you can use to touch up to focus your preferred focus point (how easy is that). Of course the size is small than regular DSLR, mudah nak jaga, mudah nak sumbat dalam beg (biasa la pompuan, semua barang nak sumbat dalam beg). Then got 16megapixel. Errr, what more ehhh? I'm suck at explaining camera technical stuff, so look at this awesome camera yourself (it's awesome from my point). For more details, do look into Panasonic Lumix website.

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