Your Back Will Never Tell Lies

Saturday, September 24, 2011 Xarruc 0 Comments

In life, we got people around us, surrounding, living as friends, families and acquaintances.
And living in a happy cheerful life is better than anything.

Yesterday, because of bored, my colleagues ajak kuar pegi IKEA, jalan-jalan, and makan IKEA most famous Sweedish food, meatball (errrr, aku suka jugak tapi tak ada apa yang special sangat pon... ngeee..... ). And then I remembered that I want to buy a simple table lamp all along. So, I bought a simple square table lamp. Sebabnya aku nak DIY on the lamp. Dan lama tak buat kerja mengarut gini. Hurmmm we'll see whether menjadi or not.

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